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Meet Lo

If you’re looking to add a little fiber to your life, then you’ve come to the right place.

Hi! My name is Lo, and Rain and Bolt is my handmade knitwear line. I’m a baby boomer from the Canadian Prairies, but my kids keep me honest, making sure my designs stay modern and classic, without teetering over into something the average grandma would make.

As a girl, I grew up in a small French community. Many winters were extremely frigid, and I quickly learned from my own mother and grandmother how to be resourceful. In my family, that meant knitting - to stay warm and to provide!

My hair may have gone white, but my creative eye hasn’t faltered. I’m a retired hair stylist and salon owner, so I’ve swapped my scissors and shears for knitting needles and crochet hooks. I also love to watch my two young grandkids - my kids don’t knit, so maybe exposing my grand babies to yarn will keep this generational knitting skill alive.

You can check out my latest creations, this wild white hair, and a couple snaps of my grand babies modelling the latest mini sweaters over here on my instagram.